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TaskFreak! Original is a simple but efficient web based task manager written in PHP.

Originally created in September 2005, many talented developers have since contributed to translate and extend the original version. It is now available in 24 languages.


Some of the key features

Want to see in action ? try out a demo.


Contributors : Plugin Developers

Author Plugin Website
Searcher Plugin manager, attachments, email alerts Dracon
Barb Time clock Horizon Lime

Contributors : Translators

Language Maintainer Website
English Stan Ozier Tirzen
French Matthieu Bonin -
German Tobias Frasch Star Solutions
Portuguese Felipe Gubert www.felipegubert.com.br
Spanish Vicente Jiménez Centro de Estudios Jurídicos Granada
Italian Devis Lucatio www.lucato.it
Dutch CorbTrans www.guider.nl
Polish Szymon Kapturkiewicz www.estorm.pl
Chinese Wangyingqi www.wangyingqi.com
Danish Claus Mølgaard Nielsen -
Norwegian Håvard Kristoffersen Theta Design
Swedish Marcus Persson -
Czech Michal Barton -
Serbian Giuliano giulianoliker.com
Slovak Jan Michalicka Jimi.sk
Turkish Sezer Yesiltas Sezer's blog
Russian Igor Obernikhin -
Traditional chinese Ming Lam Nethub Web Hosting
Lithuanian zygimantas sakalinakas -
Hungarian KOZMAN Bálint Balint's blog
Greek Yannis -
Albanian Alfa Design
Croatian Dalibor Klobucaric DD Lab
Catalan Marti Minoves AldeaGlobal free hosting

If I omitted you or erred, my apologies, please contact me

About TaskFreak!

TaskFreak! is a simple but efficient web based task manager written in PHP. It's an open source application, free to download. Its main goal is to make project management efficient while kept easy.

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